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A Washington, D.C. based studio artist and painter - I specialize in creating large, brilliantly colored oil paintings of figures or landscapes. My passion comes from painting anything that spontaneously appears in vibrant, emotional, or dramatic lighting. Hope you enjoy the colors!

Graphic Design

I'm a professional print designer going on 6 years. I am very fast and affordable. I love bright colors, bold fonts, and to create elements in a design that pop!


I've been an obsessive painter since highschool. To this day, my easel is never left empty for long. Ask me about any painting on this site, or a potential commission.


I'm a semi-professional photographer, going on 8 years. I love shooting weddings, headshots, and anything else appearing in amazing lighting.


I'm a huge do-it-yourself-er. I'm always trying my hand at various crafts. My favorite however has been designing and implementing elaborate, custom beadwork jewelry.

From the blog

Just do it.

Mar 20, 2017

“I couldn’t have painted any other way than I did. It simply didn’t interest me.” – Stuart Davis   It’s the simplest lesson I’ve learned in life. Whenever I’m doubting something or unsure, I’ve found the best solutions usually come from just getting up and just doing whatever is – even if that means dropping […]

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Back and Forth: My painting process explained – part 2

Dec 13, 2016

Back and forth. Back and forth. And Repeat.   One nuanced difference between my painting and design process, is that over the many years, I’d say that my painting process is a lot more steady and consistent than my design processes. In design, software, my sources of inspiration, trends and ways to disrupt trends change […]

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Courage, it’s an Art, not a Science

Jan 12, 2016

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie “An Endless Pursuit of all that is NOT Boring” – The title of my first senior show, way back in highschool. I wouldn’t call myself an “experimental” type of person or painter, or anywhere near that innovative. […]

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Even MORE of my many views on color theory – Part 3: Choosing a Palette

Aug 01, 2014

Ironically, in opposite to the title of this post, I don’t often choose a palette when starting a painting. More often, I let my subject inform the colors. And generally I choose to paint an image based on the colors already present. I hardly ever choose to paint an image that does not have amazing […]

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