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“I couldn’t have painted any other way than I did. It simply didn’t interest me.” – Stuart Davis   It’s the simplest lesson I’ve learned in life. Whenever I’m doubting something or unsure, I’ve found the best solutions usually come from just getting up and just doing whatever is – even if that means dropping […]

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Courage, it’s an Art, not a Science

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie “An Endless Pursuit of all that is NOT Boring” – The title of my first senior show, way back in highschool. I wouldn’t call myself an “experimental” type of person or painter, or anywhere near that innovative. […]

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La Lumière Exquise

The Exquisite Light (artistic expressions just sound prettier in French) On some days there is a certain time between afternoon and twilight (or sunrise and dawn), where the light becomes magical, something special that makes me pause and stare. One of the driving forces behind my painting is a constant urge to capture the lighting […]

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What do you need to start painting?

Lately I’ve been hearing this question a lot: “I just want to try starting a painting for fun. What do I need?” This question only leads to others, mainly, “How much experience do you have?” and “What is this for? What is your goal?” Like any “hobby” from rock climbing to knitting, painting is a […]

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A few of my many views on Color Theory…

It practically goes with out saying, but colors are one of the chief motivating elements for me in painting. I suspect that my romanticism with colors begins with color theory. I wish to discuss a few of own personal views on the subject, with just three beginning categories: Complimentary colors, Analogous colors, and Warm and […]

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